Qualifying and Seeding for APPA 2020

'Qualifying’ and ‘Seeding’ are terms that relate to the AIPP’s Australian Professional Photography Awards (APPA), the nation-wide photography awards the Institute holds annually. In 2020, APPA will be held at Melbourne Conference & Exhibition Centre on Saturday August 15th, Sunday August 16th and Monday August 17th. You can read more about APPA HERE.

The AIPP APPAs are open to all Australian Professional and Student photographers who:
       •   are seeded; or
       •   are qualified; or
       •   are wildcard recipients; or
       •   have been directly invited.

AIPP Member Photographers are also invited to enter APPA, if they are seeded or have qualified through their State Awards. AIPP Member Photographers are welcome to request a Wildcard Entry.

A professional photographer, for the purposes of these Awards, is an AIPP Accredited Professional Photographer; or a photographer who has an Australian Business Number (ABN) and who earns an income from the profession of photography.

A student photographer must be 18 years or over and currently enrolled at a registered educational institution within Australia during the current calendar year.

An AIPP Member photographer is someone who has purchased an AIPP membership under the title of ‘Member’.


A seeded photographer is an AIPP accredited member or professional who has achieved one or more Silver awards, or earned a full merit point, at APPA in the last five years, or has achieved Associate, Master of Photography or Grand Master of Photography status. If you are unsure if you are seeded, please email awards@aipp.com.au.


If you are not seeded, you can ‘qualify’ through the 2020 Epson State Print Awards.

To qualify, entrants must achieve at least one score of 80 or higher at the 2020 AIPP Epson State Print Awards.

You can choose to enter the same – or completely different – entries for APPA. After your Epson State Awards, if you are unsure if you have qualified, check your results on www.aippawards.com or email awards@aipp.com.au.


To encourage our established awards entrants to enter their local Epson State Awards, all members who currently hold an APPA Achievement of Associate, Master of Photography or Grand Master of Photography will be rewarded with a 25% discount off their 2020 State Awards entry fee.

If you qualify for APPA through your local Epson State Awards, you will receive a 25% discount off your 2020 APPA entry fee. 


You can apply for a wildcard entry if you are not seeded or qualified due to special circumstances. For example:

  • illness may have prevented you from entering your state awards; or
  • you may be experiencing financial hardship; or
  • you may have missed qualifying at your State Awards by a small margin. 

Wildcard requests must be submitted in writing to awards@aipp.com.au by Wednesday 1st July 2020.