Rules Changes for 2020


Here is a snapshot of the changes to the AIPP Epson State Award Rules. Entrants are still required to read the Rules in full.

  • The sub-categories ‘Single Capture’ and ‘Open’ have been replaced and no longer exist. The new sub-categories are Authentic Edit, Corrective Edit and Creative Edit. Read more under Core Rules, page 11.
  • The removal of leads, halters, harnesses (Pet / Animal) and hands (Newborn) is now permitted under the Corrective Edit sub-category. Read more on page 12.
  • A new Bronze scoring category , called the Bronze Certificate, has been introduced. All Bronze-awarded entrants will receive a Bronze Certificate. Read more under Judging System on page 28.
  • The AIPP Member Photographer Award replaces the Emerging Photographer of the Year. Read more on page 26.
  • Authentic and Corrective Edit categories that allow polyptychs now have a maximum of six images per matted print. Read more on page 12.
  • Entrants in the Landscape category may now include an optional caption of 50 words with their image if they wish.
  • The Pet / Animal category is now open to images of ALL animals, including wild animals. Read more on page 22.

Read the Rules in FULL here.