Judging Criteria

The judging of images is purely subjective and not an exact science. The purpose of the awards is to promote creativity and innovation in image making. In the context of an Awards of Excellence Program:-Images that display Innovation and Creativity, should be acknowledged, AWARDED and rewarded. These are the crucial points of evaluation that judges use as a guide to evaluate images at state and national level of the AIPP Awards.

These are the crucial points of evaluation that judges use as a guideline to evaluate images

1. Impact
2. Creativity & Style
3. Composition
4. Image or Print Presentation
5. Centre of Interest
6. Lighting
7. Colour Balance
8. Technical excellence
9. Photographic Technique
10. Story Telling & Subject Matter

This is an aggregate of scores and literal interpretation across a number of professional bodies around the world:

0  -  49 Below acceptable ‘Professional’ quality in any area
50 - 59 Very poor but with evidence of some potential
60 – 65 The beginnings of understanding required technique
66 – 69 The absolute basics of technique are understood but largely ignored
70 – 75 Competent in the expectations of professional quality
76 – 79 Well crafted and of ‘Merchantable Quality’
80 – 85 Images of particular distinction
86 – 90 Images of outstanding quality
91 – 100 An image of exceptional quality