As a first-time entrant in the Epson State Awards, welcome! To help guide you as you begin your awards journey, please consider the following:


You need to consider how you will be entering the Awards, dictated by your Membership Status. AIPP Accredited Members, AIPP Emerging Members, AIPP Student Members and non-members enter the Epson State Awards. Non-members are welcome to enter the Awards if they are professional photographers or student photographers at an approved tertiary institution.

Your Membership Status will dictate how many images you can enter into the Epson State Awards, with AIPP Accredited Members eligible to enter up to 12 images (with a maximum of four images per category). Your Membership Status also dictates your entry fee. Entry fees will be published in each State or Territory's state-specific rules document shortly or are available online HERE.


You will need to decide which category / categories you wish to enter. Information on the categories available can be found on the FAQ page HERE.

The 2019 Epson State Awards Rules contain general information about the Awards and specific information about each category’s rules. Thoroughly reading and understanding the rules is an important part of the entry process and all entrants are encouraged to take the time to read and understand the rules each year before entering.


The Epson State Awards are a PRINT awards which means you will be required to print your images. You will also be required to provide digital files of your images as a part of the entry process. You can print your images yourself or you can organise and pay for printing services. If you are not intending to print your images yourself, we suggest you investigate the turnaround time for the printing & mounting of images with your local printer, or lab.  This will help you prepare your timeline to make sure you have enough time to enter. Read about the size and presentation requirements for your image and mount in the 2019 Epson State Awards Rules or by clicking HERE



It is important to understand the investment required to enter the Epson State Awards. The Awards entry fee, your main investment, is dependent upon your Membership Status and the number of images you decide to enter. You need to factor in the cost of printing and mounting ALL images that you enter. You are required to purchase the official AIPP print case to be used to send in your physical prints.

You can order your official AIPP print case HERE or you can call the AIPP Admin Team on 1300 685 334 to place an order. The cost of a print case is $135 + postage and your print case will fit up to 12 images. Student members should check with their education provider regarding their entry process, as some providers submit for the entire class. Your case will be shipped from Melbourne and you should receive it generally within 5 business days.



Make sure you carefully check important dates for your Epson State Awards, available HERE by clicking on your relevant State. These will generally be the Entries Open, Entries Close, Print Cases Due and Judging Dates, as well as your state’s Presentation Night. When entering the Epson State Awards you are encouraged to submit your entry as soon as possible after Entries Open. The website experiences an extremely high traffic rate on the Entries Close date which can result in delays that could see you missing out.

Your physical prints in their official print case must be received by the Print Cases Due date. Information on where to send your prints will be published with the 2019 Rules shortly. Judging is run over two days and is free for the public to attend…if you can be there, it’s a wonderful atmosphere to experience first-hand. The judging process is interesting and educational and it’s a great place to meet fellow photographers. All category winners, special award winners and the State Professional Photographer of the Year will be announced at the Presentation Night.



When your State's entries open, enter online at by following the prompts.

Entries Open Dates for 2019 are as follows:

  • SA / NT - Wednesday 20th March 
  • WA - Friday 5th April
  • QLD - Wednesday 24th April
  • VIC / TAS - Thursday 9th May
  • NSW / ACT - Wednesday 22nd May



Should you do well at your Epson State Awards and achieve two scores of 80 (Silver Award) or above, you will qualify to enter the AIPP’s Australian Professional Photography Awards (APPA). This is an honour and presents another exciting opportunity for you! You can read more about APPA HERE.

Please Note: Student Photographers only need to achieve one score of 80 or above at their Epson State Awards to qualify for APPA.



If you have questions or require assistance, please email or call the Awards Phone on 0491 244 695.