If you have decided to enter the AIPP Awards for the first time there are a few key points you will need to understand before you start your journey into the unknown. To have an understanding and to lay the foundations is the best way to start any new venture. These 5 key points will give you the starting point you need. 

The AIPP awards are essentially a print awards competition. You will ultimately be required to create prints to enter into the categories you choose, although you will need to create digital files representing each of your print entries, to upload as part of the awards entry process.  

As a first time entrant, you will need to enter your local AIPP Epson state awards before becoming eligible to enter our national awards - Australian Professional Photography Awards (APPA).

As a first time entrant you will only be able to enter the Australian Professional Photography Awards (APPA) as a first time entrant, if you achieve the appropriate qualifying scores at your local AIPP Epson state awards. Qualifying level has been announced for 2016 is 2 or more of your entries achieve scores of 80 or above, this will qualify you to enter the national level awards APPA.

The rules for your local state awards are published as soon as possible at the beginning of each year. Check the rules to decide on the categories you wish to enter and your eligibility to enter, this will depend on your membership status. 

It is a good idea to attend one or more of the many image/print critique events organised by your local AIPP state council. These evenings are a great introduction to the awards process, and will help you understand the judging process, the judging parameters, and will give you the benefit of learning from experienced judges and entrants. 


The AIPP EPSON State Awards, be challenged, be inspired and to take your photography to the next level. Congratulations on taking the leap into the world of photography awards. Here we have paved the path brick by brick to help make your journey as smooth as possible. Good luck!

It is important to understand the investment required to enter the awards. The awards entry fee, your main investment, is is dependent  upon your membership type and the number of images you decided to enter. You will also need to factor in the cost of printing and mounting ALL images that you enter. You will also need to purchase the official AIPP print case to be used to send in your physical prints. Remember all categories require a physical and an online entry for each print entered. 

You can order your official AIPP Print Case print case from the national office team, cost of a print case is $135+Postage, your print case will fit up to 12 images. Student members should check with their education provider regarding their entry process, as some providers submit for the entire class. Shipping of your case depends on your location; they will be shipped from our national office in VIC, generally within 5 business days. Please call AIPP 03) 9888 4111.

Be sure to read your state based rules to learn how many images you can enter per category and the specific rules that apply to your chosen categories. We cannot stress the importance of this step enough to make sure your entry process into the awards goes smoothly. 

If you are not intending to print your images yourself, we suggest you investigate the turnaround time for the printing & mounting of images with your local printer,  or lab.  This will help you in your time-line to make sure you have enough time to enter. Read about the size requirements, from your printing, image and mount sizes in preparing your images. 

The online entry closes generally one week prior to the physical entry cut off. Be sure to check your state important dates. Remember that the awards site has high traffic on the last day of submissions. You are encouraged to not leave it to the final day, and this will prove to assist in a smooth entry experience. More information can be found regarding files sizes and file naming of image.  

The physical print submission date generally closes one week after the online entries close. Check your state important dates in your state to confirm the address and date of official close. Strictly no entries will be accepted after these dates.