Rules Changes for 2017


  • Images entered into any previous APPA awards are ineligible *see below, this rule will come into effect as of state awards 2018
  • Definition of “commissioned” - For the purpose of the awards a commissioned work is considered to be a product of a commercial agreement undertaken between a photographer and their client. Volunteer work in not considered commissioned, even when a professional agreement has been entered into.
  • Definition of “immediate family” - For the purpose of the awards this includes yourself, children, parents, grandparents, grandchildren, siblings and pets.
  • Entrants MUST acknowledge the printer, retoucher and/or other creative contributors on the online entry form.
  • Image caption guidelines have been added to assist relevant categories, see page 10
  • Commercial - Will be judged in two sections, Commissioned & Speculative/Self-Commissioned. Advertising & Fashion, previously categories of their own, are now included in the Commercial Category.
  • Documentary - Will be judged in three sections: Documentary, Birth & Sport photography, which were previously categories of their own but are now all included in the Documentary Category. 
  • Illustrative - This category will be judged in two sections, Illustrative, and Analogue & Historical Process (previously alternative process). 
  • Landscape - This category will be judged in two sections, Landscape Open & Landscape Single Capture.
  • Newborn - Elements must be captured within 24 months of the Awards closing date. Newborns must be no older than three months of age. The image may contain multiple newborns Images may not contain family members, people older than three months, pets or animals.
  • Portrait - This category will be judged in two sections, Portrait Open & Portrait Single Capture
  • Travel - May include in-camera multiple exposures, stitched panoramas, HDR, and focus-stacked images.  Please read the related rules carefully.
  • Wedding - This category will be judged in two sections, Wedding Open & Wedding Single Capture.




A new rule has been introduced which disallows entries from APPA being entered into subsequent STATE AWARDS. The reason for this rule is to maintain the integrity of the awards system, which is to challenge our members and continue to raise the standard of professional photography.

Taking into account some concerns that some state awards have closing entry dates approaching very soon, the awards team has agreed to postpone the implementation of this rule as follows.

The Awards team recommends that when entering the state awards in 2017 new works are entered. However, for 2017 state awards only, APPA images can be entered by seeded entrants.  If you are not seeded, previous APPA images cannot be entered into the 2017 state awards as per the 2016 rules.


We are advising now that the rule change of “Images entered into any previous APPA awards are ineligible” will come into effect as of 2018 state awards. 

Good luck with your entries for 2017!

The AIPP Awards Team